Chernobyl Tour

In the early 80's, small townships Chernobyl and Pripyat were prophesied the cities of the future. Special sources of financing, innovative infrastructure, ideal conditions for life - all this was a reality until the morning of April 26, 1986. Today, cities where a "peaceful atom" carried heat to homes and confidence in the future are empty. And they are one of the most unusual extreme destinations in the world.


For 30 years, the Chernobyl exclusion zone has been attracting hunters for "artifacts", diggers, "Stalker" fans and just fans of thrill. But all this time to get to the restricted territory was possible only illegally, now you have a chance to visit the 30 kilometer zone within the exclusive tour! We cooperate with the best technical support of this tour and can organize your trip according to your interests and preferences. We take care for all the necessary documents, permits, accommodation and food. Our professional support will also be with you.

We can offer you several options for travel for better convenience. These are SCHEDULED excursions and INDIVIDUAL tours. Scheduled excursion is usually a group excursion, along apredefined route, you can always choose the duration of the excursion and see more popular places in the Zone. Individual excursion is developed according to your wishes, the route and duration depends on what places you want to see.


1. Any person from any country aged 18 and over at the moment of entering the Zone, without medical contraindications to increased ionizing irradiation – can become a zone guest after a necessary permit is issued. 2. Persons under alcoholic/drug intoxication are not allowed to take a trip to the Zone. Consuming drugs and alcohol is prohibited during the trip.

3. It is strictly prohibited to take any objects from the Zone. Violation of this requirement is a criminal offence (Article 267-1 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine).  

3. The Zone is a dangerous place. Therefore, it is allowed to move in the Zone: only following established routes only with group leader and/or guide only with the group. Official Rules for stay in the alienation zone allow wearing only clothes covering most of the body (trousers, long-sleeved shirt or jacket, closed footwear (better on thick sole)). PROHIBITED ARE: shorts, short trousers, skirts, open footwear, short sleeves.  

INSURANCE. According to the order of the State Agency for Management of the Exclusion Zone No. 282 of June 18, 2013 on compulsory insurance of visitors, from August 1, 2013 all tourists must have insurance against accidents. If a tourist does not separately declare that he has insurance, he will be automatically registered with him along with the visiting program and passes. 

SAFETY OF THE TRIP. The level of irradiation that can be obtained on such a trip is several orders of magnitude lower than in medical radiography, and is approximately equal to the dose of radiation when flying on a conventional airplane.

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